Examination and Evaluation

Classes I – V will have 3 terms and they will have periodical Assessments. Date of the Assessments will not be previously notified. Assessment Papers will be sent home to the parents for their perusal. These should be counter-signed and returned the following day itself.
Classes VI to X will have two Semesters. Each semester will have a series of 2 Formative Tests and 1 Summative Test. The weightage given for academic subjects will be as follows :-
Formative 1
Formative 2
10 %
Summative 1
30 %
Formative 3
Formative 4
10 %
Summative 2
30 %
Co- Scholastic areas will also be assessed and the entire Report Card will reflect only Grades and no Marks.
Classes XI & XII continues to have a system of Unit Tests and Terminal Examinations. In Class XI, a student who fails to secure 33% of marks in the Continuous Promotion Record for each of the subjects, is not eligible for Promotion to Class XII.

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